Tattoo removal


Consultation and Patch Test cost is £20 – this is deductible from your first treatment*

I offer Laser tattoo removal using award winning equipment from Lynton. This advanced technology allows me to remove tattoos in a safe and reliable way. This equipment works on multi-coloured tattoos and is considered by dermatologists to be the safest and most clinically effective.

This advanced technology works by allowing light produced from the laser to pass through the skin and shatter the ink into tiny particles, the body then disposes of these particles via it’s natural immune system.

Tattoo Size Cost per session 5 sessions package
Small £55 £230
Medium £75 £320
Large £95 £410
Others sizes to  be  discussed  during consultation
Eyebrows cosmetic tattoo £60

Using extreme cold to cause controlled destruction of unwanted tissue in a precise application method. Rapid process treatment with zero risk of infection and excellent results.

Skin tags, milia, flat pigmentation and cherry spots
removal starting from £15

Warts and verrucas
removal starting from £100