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Tattoo Removal Specialist using an NHS approved laser machine. We safely remove or fade your tattoo’s at competitive prices.

We can help with acne and oily skin problems, pigmentation removal such as sun and age spots and eliminate fungal nail infections.

We are a Lynton Approved Clinic with a fully trained, qualified & insured technician who has extensive knowledge of the industry.


Here at Your Laser Clinic, we invest heavily in the equipment we use to treat our clients, ensuring only the safest and most clinically effective treatments, each and every time.

British manufactured Luminette Q-switch laser from Lynton will help you achieve unrivalled clearance and reduction of professional, amateur or traumatic tattoos.

Pre and post care and advice is provided to all clients to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and so you have a full understanding of the treatment.


Our Services

Using a Q-Switched laser, considered by dermatologists to be the most effective, safe and reliable way to remove unwanted multi-coloured tattoos with consistent predictable results.
Pigmented lesions such as sun spots and freckles can be successfully removed creating a more flawless, youthful and glowing appearance.
This treatment draws out the dirt and impurities whilst helping to boost collagen, minimise large pores and smoothing the overall skin texture. Highly beneficial for oily, dull and acne prone skin.
The laser gently heats the infected nail causing weakening and killing of the fungus. Laser fungal nail infection treatment provides complete fungal elimination without the use of chemicals and oral medication whilst being completely safe and virtually pain free.


by Nicola from Reigate on Your Laser Clinic

Amazing results for tattoo removal!! I was recommended by a friend and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The carbon laser facial is also a must! Thank you :)

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